How to Change Windows Store Location / Country

Windows Store is same as Google Play for Android. That implies you can download loads of apps, games, movies, music, etc. for Windows Phone and Windows PC from Windows Store. Alike other app stores, Windows Store also has some free apps and some paid apps. The best part of Windows Store is you can get different app suggestion, the price tag (currency), etc.

By default, Windows chooses a country that you have chosen. For instance, if you have opted for the United States while setting up the Windows Store for the first time, it will be set to that what you have chosen. If you haven’t chosen any country during the first time setup, it will be set to the country that you have chosen during the Windows installation. Some, Windows editions do the first thing and rest of them do the second thing. These are how Windows Store gets the location or country or region.

How to Change Windows Store Location / Country

Following the location, you will get app suggestions, price currency, and more other things. Although this is not possible to install restricted country content, you can certainly get those things as mentioned above with the help of Windows Store’s selected location or country.

Now, if you are familiar with another currency and you want to pay in that or if you want to get different app suggestions or if you just want to check how it looks to use another country’s Windows Store, you can head over to this article. It will help you to change Windows Store location or country within moments. There is no need to install any third party software as the option is built-in. You can modify the location right away using two different procedures.

Method #1

Change Windows Store Location

This is however very easy. As mentioned before the option is built-in, you do not have to install any third party software. Therefore, just do the following thing to get things done.

At first, open the new system settings panel of Windows 10. For that, just press Win + I or go to Start and select Settings. Therefore, go to Time & Language settings. You can find it on your System settings panel’s screen. Here, you can find Region & language. On the right side, you will get Country or region. Just click on the drop-down menu and select a new country that you want.

How to Change Windows Store Location

That’s it! It will be changed automatically. You do not have to restart your Windows Store, but a reboot can help you to sort this out faster.

Method #2

Change Windows Store Country

This method is all about Control Panel. You can change Windows Store location by changing the system location. To do that, just follow the following steps.

At first, open Control Panel. You can follow any method to open Control Panel. For example, this is possible to open that from Taskbar search box, Start menu, Win + X menu or even using the Run prompt. After opening Control Panel, make the view Large icons. Here you can find Region settings.

Open that and go to Location settings. Switch to that tab and choose a country that you want.

Change Windows Store Country

That’s all! Alike the first method, it will be changed automatically.

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