Download Windows 7 Bangla Language Interface Pack (LIP)

Some good news for Bengali and Bangladeshi users who use Windows7 and always wondered whether there exists a Bangla language pack for Windows7.

Microsoft has just released Windows7 Bangla LIP (Language Interface pack) which allows you to change Windows 7 display language from English to Bengali. You can download the Windows 7 Bengali LIP here

In case you want to download the Bengali LIP for Windows Vista or Windows XP, check the following links:

Bengali Language Information pack for Windows Vista
Bengali Language Information pack for Windows XP

How to Install Language Information Pack in Windows7

The following steps work with any language pack for Windows7, you can use the below mentioned methods to install new display languages in Windows7.

1. Once you have downloaded the Language information pack from the Microsoft website, double click the LIP file and choose the language you want to install.

Download Bangla Windows7 Language Pack

2. Click “Next” and you will be asked to select Windows7 display language. Choose the newer language and click “Change Display Language”

Change Windows7 Display Language

3. This will install the desired language pack in Windows7 and you will be asked to ‘Log off” from the current Windows user account for the changes to take effect. Log off and then log back in to see the newer display language installed in Windows 7.

Here is how my Windows7 installation looks once I installed the “Bangla” display language on my laptop:

The start menu:

How to Uninstall Language Interface Packs In Windows7 – Switch To Older Language (English)

If you want to remove language interface packs from Windows7 or switch to the default language (English), follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1. Click Start menu, open “Control Panel” and choose “Language” as shown below:

2. This will open a new explorer window, switch to the third tab and choose the default Windows 7 language you were using earlier.

3. You will be asked to Log off from the current user account for the changes to take effect. Save all your current work , log off and then log back in to see the default langauge working in Windows7.

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