How to Check Data Usage Used by FaceTime Call on iOS

Mac and iOS users get more facilities than any other operating system users. There are many features those work between iOS and Mac and some of them are unavailable on other operating systems. For example, the FaceTime. FaceTime is implemented into Phone app for iPhone but you can find FaceTime as a standalone app on Mac and other iOS devices. Sometime, you can also find FaceTime on iPhone as a standalone application.

FaceTime is a video calling app available for Apple users. That means, if you are using other platforms except Mac and iOS, you cannot get FaceTime. Whenever, you need to do video call, you can simply use FaceTime on Apple devices instead of other video calling software and service such as Skype, Google Hangouts etc. It doesn’t work on other platforms as it works on Apple ID basis.

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However, you must have internet connection to use FaceTime on your Apple device. That means, no matter how smart your device is, but, if you do not have internet connection, you cannot make calls via FaceTime. On the other hand, you must have a good internet connection. Otherwise, you may get interruption during a call. Whenever, you use FaceTime, this app consumes data from your existing bandwidth.

Therefore, if you have unlimited data connection, there should not be any problem. But, if you have a limited internet connection package, you may get some problems because FaceTime uses a quite good bandwidth. Now, what if you need to check how much data has been used by a FaceTime call? Can you check that?

Of course, you can check data usage used by FaceTime call. This is possible without using any third party software. Although, FaceTime doesn’t show the data usage automatically or by itself, yet, this is possible to check data usage. This is very easy to check to FaceTime data usage on iOS. Therefore, if you using iOS, do follow these steps to get things done.

Check Data Usage Used by FaceTime Call on iOS

This is very easy and not much time consuming. At first, open your FaceTime app and go to Video tab to expand the list of calls that you have made. Here, you can find an info button, which should be placed on your right side. Just tap on that.

Check Data Usage Used by FaceTime Call

Now, you can find call details i.e. call duration and used data on your screen.

Check Data Usage Used by FaceTime Call on iOS

That’s it! Hope this little tutorial will help you a lot.



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