Check Network Strength on iPhone without Jailbreaking

iPhone is a great invention of Apple and it is being upgraded day by day. Today’s iPhone is much better than older one. In terms of features, network capability, interface, look etc. today’s iPhones are much better than previous. Although, sometime network strength depends on the device that you are using, yet it also depends on the area where you are. This post will let you check network strength on iPhone without jailbreaking so that you can know whether you can make a call or not.

Sometime, we go to some places where we cannot make any call or send any SMS or connect to the internet. There are many reasons why we cannot do so. First, it can be a network problem from your network service provider’s side. Second, it can be your device issue. Third, you are somewhere, which is not being covered by your network service provider.

When we cannot make calls, we become irritated and try to find out the problem. Although, there is no such particular solution to this problem, yet, this is possible to find out the issue so that you can solve it. If this is a mobile related issue, the basic solution is restart. If this a SIM related issue, the basic solution is reinsert the SIM. But, what if you have network related issue?

Mobile tower

There are many people, who often try to toggle network selection (Automatic & Manual). But, most of the time it won’t work if the problem is related to signal. Therefore, you should check network strength, at first.

Network strength will let you know whether there is network or not and if you can make calls or not. Some network providers help customers to know whether a particular location is covered by them or not. But, if your network provider doesn’t let you know, you can simply do this trick in order to get network strength information on your iPhone.

Check Network Strength on iPhone without Jailbreaking

As the title says, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone. Although, iPhone doesn’t allow users to do different things related to customization, but this time, you can check network strength on iPhone without jailbreaking. At the same time, you do not need any third party app or have any expert knowledge.

At first, open Phone app and dial *3001#12345#* and hit the call button. You will get Filed test mode on your screen.

Network strength checker for iPhone

Now, press Home button to close that screen and go back to your home screen. Meanwhile, you can find the network strength prior to the network bar that is visible on your top left corner.

Check Network strength on iPhone

Previously, this was possible to get that permanently. But, now, iOS doesn’t allow users to do so. That means, you will get that for a couple of seconds.

For your information, the lower score determines better network strength.


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