Server Monitor Chrome Extension Checks Uptime Status Of Multiple Sites And Servers Parallely

Do you have a couple of websites and want to keep a closer eye on the uptime status of a website or an FTP server from your browser ?

There are advanced server monitoring tools like Pingdom which immediately sends an email notification whenever your site gets down or is unavailable. But the sad part is that most of the server or website monitoring tools come under a premium plan and there are very few free site monitoring tools that require minimal setups.

If you use Google Chrome as your default browser and want to monitor the server status of a whole bunch of blogs, forums, websites or FTP servers, try the server monitor chrome extension

Check website status from Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, you can add all your websites, blogs an FTP servers whom you want to monitor. The options panel allows you to check the server status after a predefined time interval (e.g 5 minutes).

That’s it, the extension goes to work on it’s own and continues monitoring your websites in the background. A green signal is returned when your website is up and running while a red one is returned when your site goes down. In addition to this, the Chrome extension also sends desktop notifications when your website or FTP server throws a time out error, connection error or an unexpected response.

Here is how the notification button looks in Google Chrome:

Monitor websites from Google Chrome

In addition to monitoring a top level domain, subdomains, you can individually monitor the status of any web URL directly from the browser. This is extremely useful, considering the fact that many bloggers have multiple sites, service and portfolio pages which needs to be monitored 24 /7 and what better way to monitor multiple sites and servers free of cost. Give this a try !


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