Carefully Choose your images for Blog posts – JPEG, GIF or PNG ?

What type of images do you use in your Blog Posts ? JPG ,PNG,GIF ? The extension of your images has a great impact on your Blog’s performance(like look,loading and posture).Different formats serves different purposes and it is wise to know some of the basics about image formats.

First Things First

  • PNG formats gives you high quality but at the cost of High File Size.
  • JPG formats gives you somewhat low quality images but the size will be considerably low

If you are Capturing Only Text

If you want to capture an image that involves only text always use PNG or GIF format.The reason behind this is PNG or GIF formats gives you a sharper image and the file size is comparatively lesser than JPG formats.See the Comparison Below.

As you can see its nearly impossible to detect any distortion in the Graphical Properties of a screen Capture involving only text in the different image formats.The Bitmap(BMP) format is not recommended.

Inference: Stick to PNG when it comes to only Text.

If you are capturing images or High Graphics

If your Screenshot involves graphics and colors of high quality then I recommend GIF format.PNG formats preserves the Color and gives a sharper output though but increases the File size.JPG format on the other hand gives a low File Size but the Image depth Reduces.GIF is recommended if you want a mixture of good Color Depth and Low File Size.

If you are capturing Videos, Flash or Photographs

If your Screenshot is from a Video,flash or a photograph then go for JPG as the File size will be surprisingly Low(about 1/3 rd of PNG or GIF).The color depth will vary but it wont make that much difference.As you can see below there is a slight Darkish effect on The JPG format but the File Size is quite low.

Any software that you use for Compressing File Size ?

Sometimes when the File Size is above 100 Kb I compress the File Size using Windows Picture Manager( Office 2007).It compresses but sometimes distorts as well.


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