How To View Posts From Specific People Or Pages On Google+

The great feature which I had noticed on Google Plus recently and which became my favorite these days is the ability to view posts from a specific circle as a single stream without getting distracted by others. You can achieve this by simply turning on an option in settings.


The new Google Plus is a sea of collections and communities. If you are a part of them in any way, then whoever posts in them, whether it is a post or a poll or a link, your home stream would get flooded by them all the time. If proper moderation is absent, then many of the posts you get to see in your Google Plus would be irrelevant to you. Of course, this kind of situation isn’t unique to Google Plus. It is everywhere but comes in a different form. Facebook users are familiar with unwanted ads that appear out of nowhere in their timeline. On top of that, unwanted group Notifications, page notifications are there any way to annoy. Floating in this unstoppable flow, I myself missed important posts from my friends many times.

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Getting on top of important posts from our friends and family is always a challenge in Social networking. If you use Google Plus and following many pages, collections and joined communities like me, you might miss an important post from a friend or a page. Understanding this difficulty, Google introduced something called Circle Steams . This is similar to Interest Lists on Facebook.

You can make use of Circle Streams in two ways. One, You can see updates from specific circles without getting distracted by others, and two, you can turn on notifications for a specific circle so that even you may miss a post in the stream, you can check notifications to stay updated. Since there is no limit for creating circles and adding people/pages in Google Plus, you can divide all your important ones into different groups and view posts only from them.

To enable circle streams, head over to settings from left-pane in your Google Plus or click on this link. Scroll down the page until you find Advanced Settings under which you find the option called “Enable circle stream navigation “. Turn that on to enable circle streams.

Enabling Google Streams From Settings

Right after this setting got enabled, you would see a new item named “Circle Steams” appeared in the left pane. If you click to expand it, you would see all your circles getting enlisted. Select one to view posts from that circle only.

Circle Stream Appearing in Left Pane

You can use this feature to see posts from a specific contact. All you need to do is just create a circle including that contact and turning notifications on for that circle in the circle settings. If you are afraid of people knowing persons inside your circles, you can always hide them from appearing in your profile. I wish Google had included an option to share an update with the circle stream right then and there whenever I feel like but that option isn’t there as of now.

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