How to Clear YouTube Watch and Search History on Android

YouTube is the world’s largest video broadcasting website and the second largest search engine in the world. People have been uploading videos and watching them since a long time now. YouTube is popular because of many reasons. First, you can find different types of video including how to guides, reviews, movies and more. Second, YouTube is free for a normal user. Although, there is something called YouTube Red but the actual YouTube is free for all the users and it doesn’t come with any limitation. Third, you can get the YouTube app for almost all the mobile platforms, which make the exploring better.

When you have YouTube app on your mobile, you can do more other things what a regular website does. The best thing is Android comes with YouTube app as an inbuilt app. You know that Android is a very popular mobile platform, which has a huge fan base. This Google developed mobile platform has YouTube app by default.

Now, here is a thing that you should keep in mind. Android uses Gmail account and if you browse YouTube videos from your Android mobile, all the browsing history will be saved in your app. This browsing history will not be removed even if you clear the app cache as it implemented into the Gmail account. Whenever and wherever you will use your Gmail account, you will get all those browsing history on your screen.

YouTube app basically gathers two types of history i.e. Watch History and Search History. Watch history is what you have watched on YouTube. Search history is what you have searched for on YouTube. Sometime, it helps users to find out something but some time it can create problem when it comes to privacy. Whenever, you watch a video on YouTube, it sticks a watched tag on the video thumbnail.

Therefore, if you want to clear YouTube watch and search history on Android, here is a trick. You do not need any third party software as YouTube app comes with the corresponding options.

Clear YouTube Watch and Search History on Android

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. At first, open YouTube app on your Android mobile. Tap on the three dotted button, which is placed on your top right corner. Following that, you can find Settings.

YouTube for Android settings

On the next page, you will get Privacy settings. Tap on that. The following screen will have two options i.e. Clear watch history and clear search history.

How to clearn YouTube search and watch history on YouTube

Tap on each of them. You will get a confirmation message like this,

Clear watch and search history confirmation on YouTube

Tap on OK to delete everything.

That’s it! This is as simple as said. Hope it would be helpful for you.


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