Clearing Google Play Store Apps and Search History for Android

If you are an Android device user, Google Play Store would have been your go-to library for every new app or game or e-book that you wish to have on your smart device. You wouldn’t have realized, but, Google Play Store would have been one of the most frequently visited app on your Android phone or tablet. In fact, even your apps get updated via Play Store, every time your phone connects to the internet.

Now, this heavy usage of your Play Store account does result in a vast Google Play Store search history and all the installed apps get added to your “My Apps” list. It is important to clear this historical data from time to time along with clearance of Google Play Services cache.

Google Play Store App

In this article, we shall understand the reasons to clear Google Play Store data history and check out steps to clear Google Play Store Apps history, search history and cache.

Why should we frequently clear Google Play Store’s data or history?

While downloading apps or music or movies from the store, you may or may not have encountered some errors. In fact, one of the possible solutions for most common Google Play Store errors is to clear the historical search data and cache. In order to fix Play Store’s “No Connection, Retry” error / issue while updating with any app, you may well have to clear the App Cache and restart the Play Store.

While downloading certain apps from the store like Instagram, you may come across any error message like “Device not compatible”. Google itself has suggested to try out a temporary workaround solution of clearing the Play Store’s data and search history before trying to install that app (like Instagram) again.

For main Google Play errors like Error 498, Error 491, Error 413, Error 919, Error 921, etc., the reasons could be anything ranging from insufficient space on phone, full cache memory, download interruptions, etc. However, one of the common recovery steps does involve clearing the cache history, eliminating complete data search history, etc.

Tips to clear Google Play data, cache and apps history

Open the Google Play Store App from your Android device. Once you are inside the app, click on the topmost left corner with 3 horizontal lines depicting the menu options.

Google Play Store Menu Options

You will now see the options like My Apps, Settings, etc. Click on Settings.

Now, you simply have to select “Clear local search history”. This process will clear the local Play Store search history.

Google Play Store App Clear Local Search

To clear the cache and data, you have to go to the main Settings section of your Android phone.

Android Phone General Settings

Under General Settings, you can click on “Apps” and go the the tab that displays “All” apps.

Apps info under Settings for Apps

Click on “Google Play Store” to display further app info for it.

Google Play Store App under All Apps

Google Play App Clear Data and Cache

From here, you can click on “Clear data” as well as “Clear cache” depending on your requirement. The exactly same process could be used to clear cache for Google Play Services.

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