CloudaTag Stores Photos And Videos In The Cloud, Let’s You Geotag Photos And Stream Videos

Cloud storage utilities are increasingly getting popular mainly due to the reason that they provide users the ability to upload their contents may it be multimedia or anything else in a simple yet secure way.

Imagine you have hundreds of thousands of photos, videos and other content stored in your computer’s hard drive which you want to backup to the cloud. There are quite a few services which offer cloud storage for photos. Some of them, which we have covered in the past are Windows Live Skydrive, Dropbox, Picasa web albums, Zumodrive, Zumocast amongst others.

So in my search for an easy to use cloud based desktop manager that can organize and backup photos and videos to the cloud, I came across CloudaTag. It is a desktop manager that simply organizes, back-up and geotags all of your photos and videos to the cloud.

CloudaTag employs Amazon S3 cloud storage for storing contents that include videos and photos. The free account offers 1GB of free space which you can use for uploading photos, videos and other multimedia content. The best thing regarding ClouaTag is that apart from providing cloud backup options, the service also provides an HTML5 photo editor and the ability to stream HD videos from the cloud storage to any device in basic RAW format.

How to get started with CloudaTag?

In order to get started with CloudaTag, here is what you need to do:

  • Signup with the CloudaTag service and then download the desktop application of the service
  • Once you have installed the application, import all of your videos and photos to start-off with organizing or backup up the files.
  • You can select individual files to import plus you can import directly from a folder or any portable, external or mobile device.
  • To edit a photo or a video file or to tag and geotag, right click that particular file and then select the respective option.

Certain other useful options are also available such as Remove from library, locate on disk, export, upload and set as wallpaper etc.

How to edit your photos using CloudaTag?

Users can also edit their photos using CloudaTag by using built-in tools including exposure adjust, saturation level change, reducing fog/haze, crop image etc.

Geotagging photos in CloudaTag


If you want to get the optimum level of photos organizing then you should resort to geotag option in CloudaTag. This can be done by identifying the location of an image in GeoTag tab within the main interface of CloudaTag. Once you are done with the editing and organization of your photos and videos you can then export them to a local drive or upload them directly to CloudaTag.

CloudaTag is indeed a useful cloud service having loads of advanced options but one of the main drawbacks is that it provides only 1GB of free space, furthermore in some areas it also lacks the functionaliy domains of Picasa.

CloudaTag is a free download, works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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