Comindware Task Manager: A Complete Event Management Solution For Windows

No task is a big task once you have in place a proper team to work on it. However having a team means a multitude of tasks at hand, more confusions and more chances of a failed task. You need the right skills and the right tools to avoid all of that. There are great event tracking tools and collaboration tools, but when it comes to a complete tool comprising both, choices are a little less. Comindware Task Manager (CTM) intends to bridge the gap. Let us see some key features that can make the tool an essential choice.


1. Universal Support And Interactive UI:

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used task creation tools and CTM provides support for it. So you can use Outlook to create and edit any task for CTM. The tool also promises to have support for other tools too.

The tool is based on semantic technology and offers Microsoft alike ribbon-based interface making it a easy-to-use tool for any Windows user.

2. Creation, Management & Collaboration:

Being a standalone Task Manager you can use CTM to create tasks with an unlimited hierarchy. Once created the tasks can be assigned to people and also their roles can be defined based on the actions they can perform on the task.  Workspaces is an important feature you can use to define the access rules. This feature offers better accountability.

The task at hand can be managed and worked upon by a team. This elevates the productivity level for the team. Team leaders can better monitor the progress, time spent, cost for the project/task ensuring the successful execution of the task.

Scheduling tasks with a calendar view and notifications help reduce the chances of a failed task.

3. Economic Solution:

The tool offers a variety of useful features to make the job easier for you. However, the price you pay for all of this is nothing. So practically you lose nothing to use it and hence makes it more of an opportunity to have this event tracking tool for your organisation or just for personal use.

The tool is yet to be available for users, but you can pre-register for a free copy by filling up the form here. For more information on the features and benefits of this tool head over to the task management tool’s homepage.

Andrew Carnegie once remarked, “No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it”. True to its last word, many is better than one. A team effort can do wonders if the team can plan and collaborate on tasks in an efficient way. Comindware Task Manager is tool that can help you yield better results with your team. Give it shot and see for yourself if it meets your demands.

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