Make Google Hangouts An Ideal Chat Client For Your Workplace

It saved users from email distractions when Google separated Hangouts and made it a standalone entity. Even though the new Hangouts has refreshing UI and does load with new HD image every time whenever we log in, it doesn’t use the space effectively especially if you use it from your desktop browser. The contact list would reside on the left side, and your chatting activity would appear on the right. The problem comes if you want to chat with another person at the same time. The moment you start chatting with another person, that second chat window would cascade with the previous first one that you couldn’t notice it until you close the second chat window. There is also no way to opt-out the present chat window.

This problem becomes more prominent when you are using Google Hangouts to chat with your colleagues at work. But fortunately, there is a way to overcome this, which is called Common Hangouts. The idea behind the app is tweaking the UI and UX sections of Google Hangouts while keeping all other remaining functionalities as they are.


Let us see how this app changes Hangouts by which we can use it in a better way

What is New In Common Hangouts

As mentioned earlier, this is the major change. If you notice the website of Google Hangouts, the middle part of the screen would be covered by displaying options to start a video call, phone call and message. This larger portion is unused and hence wasted. Common Hangouts moves these options including settings to the top of contact list on the left side with small icons, and removes background HD image, thus giving us a lot of space to use.

Michael Csanaky, the creator of this tiny extension, remembers the backside story in his blog,

“The whole company has migrated to Google Apps completely. Well, except instant messaging. All of us had the Hangouts activated, but most of the employees have been still using their old Jabber accounts via Adium and we in the Studio have been sticking to our private groups on AIM. Just until ‘they’ killed all alternatives and had us all switched to Google Hangouts exclusively. ”


As a result, we can chat with multiple contacts/groups simultaneously . Another major change comes on the coloring front, and how messages get highlighted.


What is Same in Common Hangouts

The settings section, App tray are there and function just as they do in Google Hangouts. The missing options in common hangouts would be App Download section, hangouts On Air which we wouldn’t use that often especially when we are chatting at work.


All in all, Common Hangouts contains great tweaks that Google should’ve implemented in the first place. You can download it from Chrome Webstore .

Did you find this App helpful? Do let us know in comments!

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