Create a Compact Installer for Multiple Software and Install All Of them Together

Every time we format our machine we have to face a very common problem.We have to install all the software and utilities from scratch.This process can be really tiring when we have a bunch of software’s to install.This includes : Browsers,media players,instant messengers,image tools,Office applications,Antivirus etc.

Sure you can scan your computer for outdated software’s and drivers but the problem lies in the fact that you have to visit the vendors website and download all of them one by one which can be really time consuming.

If you are looking to solve this problem then you need to create a batch installer for all the software’s you use and run it every time you format your system.(also see : Useful portable software’s)

Go to Volery, sign up for an account , pick the software’s you need and you are done.Volery consists of a bunch of popular applications and utilities and lets you create a batch installer.You have to select the applications you need and hit the download button. Volery will combine all of the chosen applications, create a single exe file and let you download it.

When you execute the set up, all the chosen software’s will be installed in your computer one by one.

The inventory of Volery is quite promising.Here is a quick run down of the utilities and applications it has :


Just select the applications you need and hit the “Get installer” button to download a small Executable file and save it for future use.

The impressive thing about volery is that you do not have to download all the latest updates of the required applications.It will auto download the latest update and install it straight away.


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