Can’t Configure A Gamepad? Xpadder Might Help

Consider you have just bought a gamepad with your hard earned cash and even after numerous diligent hours of configuring your favorite game you find the gamepad is just not working with it. That’s when we call it a mess. There are situations like this for every gamer in the block when just nothing works straight. Think again, we can see the problem from a different angle. If and in most cases it is, a game is playable with keyboard. What if we could just make the gamepad behave like it? Sounds good? Xpadder is one such tool that can make your gamepad behave like your keyboard(for the game sake). Assign any button or stick from your gamepad to any key of your keyboard and then the fun begins.

To start with, you need to install your gamepad’s driver first which comes with most of them or else can be downloaded from web. Then install Xpadder which can be downloaded here. The logic is simple. Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad. After installation completes, connect your controller. Open Xpadder and configure it as suggested in the following steps.

NOTE: The interface might look different for other controllers.





All set, you will see this window below.


A window (as shown below) will show up next. It shows the keyboard map on the left side while mouse actions on the right.


Repeat the steps for other buttons and sticks. Minimize Xpadder and just start playing. You can save your profile from Xpadder main window. So you can set Xpadder profile for every game you have downloaded err… bought. And it’s not limited to just games; you can also control music/video player, read ebooks and all the things that can be controlled with mouse or keyboard. Since the gamepads have reasonably long cords, I find it quite useful(to control VLC) watching movies on my PC while I sit back on my sofa. So, not just un-configurable but unused gamepads can be put to use as a wired remote with Xpadder. The app is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 for both the 32-bit and 64-bit variants. It supports up to 16 controllers at the same time.


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