How to Configure Outlook 2010 For Gmail and Google Apps Accounts

Earlier we have shown you the steps to configure your Gmail and Google Apps account for Outlook 2007. Microsoft Office has released the latest version of Office – Office 2010 a few weeks ago. Following are the steps involved to configure Outlook 2010 for Gmail and Google Apps accounts:

Note: If you are using an Microsoft Outlook 2007, read this guide to configure Outlook 2007 for Gmail

Configure Outlook 2010 For Gmail

1. Login to your Gmail account, click settings and select the “Forwarding and Pop /IMAP” tab. Select “Enable POP for all mail” and “Enable IMAP” and click “Save changes”

Outlook 2010 Gmail configuration

2. Start Outlook 2010, choose the File tab from the menu and select the Info option from the left. Now click on “Add account” as shown below

3. In the pop up window that opens, ignore all the options and select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”

4. In the next step, select “Internet Email” and hit “Next”.

5. Now enter your email account credentials and the Gmail mail server details. Choose the incoming mail server as and the outgoing mail server as Google Apps users need to use and respectively.

Leave the Option “ Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” unchecked.

6. Next, click “More settings” and select the “Outgoing server” tab. Select the checkbox “My outgoing server requires authentication” and check the radio button “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”

7. Now select the Advanced tab and enter the port numbers for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Use 993 for the IMAP Port and 587 for the SMTP port.

Remember to choose SSL as the connection type.

That’s it. You have successfully configured Outlook 2010 for your Gmail and Google Apps accounts. Now Hit “Test account settings” and Outlook will send a Test email and verify all the settings. Now you can read all your email from desktop, reply to messages and create a backup of your email – all with the very wonderful Outlook 2010.

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  1. I have this error shown when trying to send ther email test:
    Send test e-mail message: Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified. Try changing the encryption method. Contact your mail server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) for additional assistance.


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