Let Your Social Fans Follow You On All Social Networks With FullyFollow.me

Following a specific person across all the social networks is really tiring procedure. Web surfers have a very less attention span and everyone is looking to get things done almost instantly.

So the next Twitter follower of yours checks your Twitter bio, arrives at your blog, finds the Facebook link and leaves.

He might not get all the options to connect with your brand or social channels on other web 2.0 sites like Quora, Friendfeed, LinkedIn and so on. And more importantly, he does not have the time to hit through half a dozen links and follow manually every single time.

fully-followSo how do you make sure that every follower who lands in your blog, Twitter profile or Facebook fan page follows your brand on all the popular social networking sites? How do you capture that customer almost instantly and turn him into a loyal follower ?

Enter FullyFollow.me – a new startup which wants to aggregate all of your social profiles in one single page. Signing up is free and once you have connected all your social account’s with your FullyFollow.com profile, your clients, fans, followers can instantly follow your profile across all of the social networks supported by FullyFollow.me (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the moment but the developers are planning to add more social networks shortly).

No, It’s Not An About.me Clone

So how does FullyFollow.me differs from About.me or other similar startups who aggregate all the social profiles of users in one single page ? There is a neat difference

Users arriving on your FullyFollow.me profile have to click just one button and they will connect with you on all the social sites in a flash. There are no confirmations, no second thoughts – just that one button. (see example)

While About.me also lets you portray your social accounts, Twitter profile and web links similar to Google profiles but users have to click through each link and follow you manually on all the social sites. First they choose Twitter, click Follow, go back to your About.me page, click the Facebook profile link of yours –don’t you think it’s too complicated and has a lot of exit channels ?

This is why the folks at FullyFollow.me thought to create the service and make life easy for socially savvy people so that their followers can instantly follow them across all the social sites. If a user is already signed into Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, all he/she has to do is arrive at your FullyFollow.me profile and hit the big button “Fully Follow Me”.

Looks great and I am a little surprised why About.me or Google haven’t thought of a similar feature yet.

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