How to Control Home Screen with Bluetooth Keyboard on iOS

iOS has a beautiful home screen, which shows all your apps and shortcuts. You can easily navigate through this home screen without anything like keyboard. This is possible to use your hand to use your iOS’ home screen and open any app or scroll pages. This is also possible to open any app from Dock using your hand. If you are using iPhone or iPod, there is absolutely no need to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to do anything. In fact, this is not possible to navigate through your home screen using any keyboard.

But, if you are using iPad, you can connect a keyboard and do your job. Many people use it for typing a long essay. Therefore, instead of using the touch screen keyboard, you can simply opt for Bluetooth keyboard, which is faster and portable.

iPad with keyboard

However, if you have any reason to control home screen with Bluetooth keyboard on iOS, here you go. Here is a trick that will let you control your home screen on your iPhone or any other iOS device with a Bluetooth keyboard. But, one thing you should have. That is jailbroken iOS 9 device. This Cydia tweak doesn’t work on any other version of iOS.

Control Home Screen with Bluetooth Keyboard on iOS

This is very easy and not much time consuming. You just need to have the Cydia tweak and a Bluetooth keyboard. Therefore, you can control your iPhone’s home screen with that keyboard. But, as mentioned before, you must have Jailbroken iOS 9 device.

At first, get a jailbroken iOS 9 device and install the Cydia tweak called Keyhook. Keyhook is a paid Cydia tweak, which is priced at only $1.99. Although, the price seems bit higher than usual or what it should be, but it is absolutely fine as it solves a real problem.

If you think your touch keyboard is not working properly or is not filling up your demands, you can easily opt for Keyhook, which will provide complete comfort to any user. You can navigate through various apps, scroll pages in any web browser or anywhere, open apps from dock or app drawer and more others. Apart from that, you can certainly type using your Bluetooth keyboard after connecting it to your device.

Keyhook - Control Home Screen with Bluetooth Keyboard on iOS

Some of the settings of Keyhook are as follows,

  • Use arrow keys to navigate and then
  • Press enter to open the selected app/folder
  • Use Command (⌘) + arrow keys to scroll pages and
  • Use Command (⌘) + [1-9] as shortcuts for the apps in your dock

At the same time, this is very easy to use Keyhook with your Bluetooth keyboard. You will just have to install the Cydia tweak, connect your keyboard with your device and start using the keyboard.

That’s it! Hope it will help you a lot.

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