Convert any file and email message to PDF by sending an Email

WE can make use of Google Chrome built-in PDF Writer to convert any web page or email to PDF file within the browser itself. But, it is possible only if we are using it in our desktop or laptop and what if we want to convert any mail or webpage to PDF through your mobile or tablet? Some of you may say that, we can install an app to convert any file to PDF. That is one way and we can even get our job done, by just sending an email and without any installing any app.

Convert any file to PDF

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Convert Email to PDF by just sending an Email

There are few email conversion services which converts any email, documents and web pages to PDF file by just an email. Whatever you want to convert to PDF, just send an email to those services and you will receive a mail having the attachment of converted PDF file. One of the email conversion services is

send email message

Send email message to and this email conversion service will convert this email message to PDF and will send back you the converted PDF version within seconds. It supports both plain text and HTML tags in email. You can use this service to convert any file to PDF.

Converted PDF Version

If you want to convert any Power Point Presentation, Excel or Word documents to PDF, attach those files to the mail and send that mail to You will receive the reply mail with converted version of PDF. There might be many online services which allow us to convert any file to any other format and one of those services is Zamzar. But, I prefer as it sends me the PDF version through an email and not a link on it’s website to download.

If you want the PDF version of any webpage, send the URL of that web page in the body of the email and send that mail to It converts the respective web page to PDF and sends back you the mail. This is very helpful, when you are not able to access that web page due to some restrictions.


This email conversion service lets you convert any file to PDF by just sending an email. This service has a privacy policy which says that, they place these email messages on their server only during the time of conversion. So, there is no problem from the security point of view. If you have any idea on other services which serves the same purpose, please do share with us through comments.

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