Convert Flash SWF Files To HTML5 With Google’s Swiffy

Here is something really interesting, if you are into Flash and HTML5 web apps.

Google has released a new tool called Swiffy, which allows you to convert Flash objects and SWF files to it’s corresponding HTML5 version. Google understands the fact that not all mobile browsers has built in support for Adobe Flash so this tool will immensely help web developers convert SWF files to HTML 5 without having to go through manual encoding.

And the best thing regarding Swiffy is that the app is completely web based, so there is nothing to download or install. Head over to the Swiffy homepage, upload your SWF file and Google will instantly convert it into an HTML5 version, which can be downloaded on your local computer and embedded on a webpage.

Here is an example SWF file converted to it’s rich HTML5 version using Google’s Swiffy labs application. The original Flash animation is visible on the left pane while the converted HTML5 version is shown on the right. Neat!

Convert Flash Files to HTML5

So if you are a developer and love making Flash animations, you can avoid the labor of manually converting Flash objects to HTML5 version.  Head over to Swiffy and generate the HTML5 version of your animation, game, advertisements or other Flash object files, as easy as a mouse click.

Adobe has a similar Flash to HTML5 conversion tool called Wallaby which works pretty much the same way but there are two basic differences. First, Wallaby is not a web application and needs installation on the local computer whereas Swiffy is a web app and can be used from any modern browser. Second, Wallaby produces a more compact code which can be edited later but in case of Swiffy, the code generated cannot be edited and you have to generate the HTML5 embed code again, if you need any changes on the SWF output.

Swiffy is currently under development so it might not handle complex actionable Flash files but the tool does a nice job converting rich media advertisements to HTML5 or simple online Flash games to their HTML5 version. Check out the Swiffy gallery for some example conversions

Note: If you have a mobile version of your Flash website, you won’t be able to use Swiffy and convert your website’s mobile theme into an HTML5 version. Instead, you have to download all the SWF objects one by one, generate their individual HTML5 version and add the HTML5 embed code to the mobile theme of your website.

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