Convert Images To Text With Google Drive For Free

Conversion of scanned images to text is not often an easy job. It requires dedicated Optical Character Recognition softwares which may not come cheap. Therefore the next time you come across the need for some OCR technology, you can directly use Google Drive instead. Using the service, you can convert any scanned document like textbook pages or screenshots of web pages to text files for editing as well as saving purposes. Simply head on to Google Drive and follow the steps given below.

How To Convert Images to Text

1. Log into your Google Drive account with your existing Gmail. If you are not on Gmail, make a new account first then head to Drive.

2. Upload the JPEG, GIF or a PNG image file you want to convert to text with the New button on the left. Note that you can also upload a PDF file and convert it to a google doc file. I have used the screenshot of an old article of mine which is a PNG file.




3. Once the file is uploaded as shown, right click on it, go to Open With and select Google Docs.




4. This will open the image file as a text document with the image at the top and the corresponding scanned text just below it.




5. Use the image to make sure there were no mistakes in the process while conversion. Once you have verified the file and made the necessary changes to the text, simply delete the image and save the remaining text as a doc file.




Some Points to Note

  • If your screenshot or scanned image has many non-text elements, there may be a few mistakes in the corresponding output text file. Therefore, you should cross check every time and make the necessary changes.
  • If you want to use only a section of an image to convert, you can crop it and then upload the file. Although make sure the resolution not suffers too much as it may lead to many mistakes while conversion.
  • The maximum file size that can be converted is 2 MB in case of images.
  • In case of PDF files, only the ones upto 10 pages in length can be converted. Therefore only the first 10 pages will be converted if the file exceeds the limit. In such a case, consider breaking the file into smaller ones that lie within the limit.

Please get back to us with the comments in case of any doubts.

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