ZohoViewer Lets You View And Convert Office Documents Without Any Signups

When it comes to creating, converting, sharing or managing office documents – I always use Google Docs.

But not when I am surfing on a public computer, or using the shared computer of a friend or using an unprotected Wi -Fi connection.

If you are like me and never use your email and Google Docs credentials on a public computer, try Zoho’s Online document viewer and converter.

ZohoViewer: Online Document Viewer And Converter

Zoho Viewer lets you upload and publish Office documents online, without having to register for any account. The published documents are not private and you may define an age of up to 1 year, after which the documents will be automatically deleted from Zoho’s servers ( the other options being 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and so on).

When you are done uploading the document(s), Zoho opens the document in your browser so that you can read it, share it, print it and do other productive things.

Zoho Viewer also provides a neat short URL for the uploaded document and also allows you to embed the document in any HTML webpage. Should you need to convert the uploaded document to any of it’s sister format, simply click through the “Export” link and choose the output format of the published document.

For example: You may want to convert a Word document to Open document text or to RTF format. There is no need to download any document converter, just use Zoho Viewer and convert office documents to compatible formats.

Convert Office Documents Online With Zoho Viewer

The only thing missing in Zoho Viewer is the ability to password protect any uploaded document so that anyone who has the link is unable to edit it or permanently delete it from Zoho’s server’s. But considering all the other features of Zoho’s online document viewer and converter, I think it outperforms Google Docs, Docs.com, Windows Live Skydrive and other office online suites.

Note: A similar website is Zamzar.com which works with Mp3’s, Videos, Ebook’s, PDF’s as well as Zipped archives.

Do you know any better online document converter that does not require any registrations, is ad free and provides sharing and embedding facilities? Shoot your ideas and links in the comments below.

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