Convert Partial RSS Feeds to Full Text Feeds and Subscribe In a Reader

There are so many sites and blogs whose content is really interesting but the only problem is that they offer partial RSS feed. You are shown only an excerpt in your Feed reader ( e.g Google Reader, Feeddemon, Bloglines, Newsgator) and have to click the link of the blog post and visit the website to read the entire article.

If you want to convert partial RSS feeds to full text so that you can easily read the feed from any feed reader, check out Fivefilters and Wizard RSS. These sites will generate a full text feed for any partial RSS feed and let you subscribe to the feed in your feed reader. All you have to do is enter the address of the feed in the provided textbox and hit “Convert”, the site will then provide a full text feed URL – copy it and subscribe in your feed reader.

Convert Partial RSS Feeds to Full Text

If you want even more control on the RSS feed e.g sorting blog posts, merging feeds or setting up custom rules, try Yahoo Pipes.

Another good idea would be to convert the RSS feed into a PDF newsletter and get the daily news letter in your email inbox. This will allow you to read the entire article or blog post even if the site is showing only an excerpt in their feed.


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