How to Convert PDF Documents to Powerpoint Presentations

Say you have a PDF document in your computer which you want to convert into a PowerPoint presentation. You want to retain the formatting options as well as the images used in the PDF document and do not want to save them and add them again in the PPT file. Here are some tools which will convert the PDF document into Powerpoint presentation (pptx)

Convert PDF documents to PowerPoint Presentations online

One of the best ways to convert a PDF document to PowerPoint presentation is using ConvertPDFtoPowerpoint. The site let’s you upload a PDF file from your computer and enter an email address of your choice. Once the conversion is complete, the site will send a link to your email address so that you can download the presentation file and use with Microsoft office or other slideshow software to edit the presentation, add effects etc.

Convert PDF to Powerpoint
Convert PDF documents to Powerpoint Presentation online

The converted document can be changed, revised and edited as necessary. All the images and graphics are restored in the Powerpoint slides and thus you do not have to extract all the images from the PDF document and reuse it in the Powerpoint slides. Sweet !

Desktop Tools to Convert PDF Documents to Powerpoint Formats

Using an online tool is great, you don’t have to download or install anything and can convert documents from any computer. But sometimes, you may need a desktop tool to convert the documents because you may not have internet access all the time. Here are some desktop tools which can be used to convert PDF documents to Powerpoint presentations:

AnyBizSoft PDF to PPT converter can convert PDF documents to PowerPoint 2010, 2007 and 2003 formats and can be used to produce editable and dynamic PPT presentations from PDF files. Although the software is not Free to use ( full version costs $29.95), you can download the trial version and use it to convert a maximum of 3 pages of a PDF document.

After the conversion is over, you can add/edit text, images or videos in Powerpoint slides. The software supports bulk conversion and it can convert, copy and print restricted PDF files to PPT presentations directly.

Tip: Add YouTube videos in Powerpoint presentations.


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