How to Convert Slow Motion Video to Normal Video on iOS

Over the past couple of years, iOS has been evolved dramatically. Features wise, iOS has become one of the most popular mobile platforms out there. People are opting for iOS over Android and Windows Pone because of having an extra layer of security and more features, apps and games. One of the most popular updates of iOS is iOS 9, which featured so many new features, apps and options.

One of the most popular new features of iOS 9 is slow motion video. If your iPhone is capable of running iOS 9.x, you could get this new feature in your existing camera. Sometime, it works really awesome on your iOS 9.x device. Now, iOS 9.3 is running and it seems Apple will continue this feature in later versions as well. Now, if you are new to iPhone or iPad and do not know what is slow motion video and how to make such video, let me explain.


What is Slow Motion Video?

As the name defines, slow motion video or SLO-MO (as known among iOS users) helps users to record video in slow motion. Sometime, we need to capture some very fast object that cannot be captured via normal 30FPS recording. At such moments, you will have to switch to SLO-MO that will let you capture very fast moving objects at 120FPS, which will eventually produce slow motion video. Suppose, you wish to capture a flying bird. At such time, you cannot opt for normal video as it would be very fast. In that case, you must use SLO-MO or slow motion video.

How to record slow motion video?

This is very easy to use slow motion video. Just open your camera. By default, it will let you record a normal video. You should get all the other options by swiping from left to right or vice versa. In this case, just swipe your screen from left to right to get SLO-MO.

record slow motion video on iPhone

Following that, you can record slow motion video. You should note that it won’t be 1080p video. It would be a 720p video.

Convert Slow Motion Video to Normal Video on iOS

Now, if you want to convert slow motion video to normal video on iOS/iPhone/iPad, here is a solution. You do not have to download any third part app as the option comes with iOS 9. Therefore, just select the video in Photos app. Here, you should get an Edit button like this,


Following that, you will get another screen like this,


Just shrink the space between two cursors by moving one towards another. Generally, your iOS device plays the part as normal video, which is currently between those two cursors. That means, if you put one cursor on another, the entire video will be converted to normal video. That’s it! At last, don’t forget to hit the Done button.

Hope this tiny tutorial would be helpful for you.

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