CoolTweak: Edit Image from Context Menu and in Bulk

If you upload images to various social networking websites very frequently, you might need an app that allows users to do different tasks in bulk. For example, if you want to add watermark to fifty images at once, there are various apps available in the market. However, let me introduce CoolTweak that is a free Windows image editing software that comes with several useful features to customize your images in bulk.

The best part of this software is you can choose various options in right-click context menu. Obviously, you need to open the CoolTweak editor to make the changes, but you can certainly choose the task from right-click context menu. This is possible to select either a folder containing all the images or a particular image according to your needs. Before getting started with this image editing software for Windows, you should check out the features that you can get with this tool.

CoolTweak review

Software like CoolTweak is quite handy when someone needs to perform the same task over and over again. Talking about the available features or functionalities, you can get these subsequent options with this tool-

  • Resize: you can resize any number of image at once. This is possible to set a particular image size as well. Let’s assume that you want to make all images 600×600 pixel. Therefore, you can opt for that image size, and all the pictures will be set to 600×600 pixels within moments and at once.
  • Add watermark: When you are uploading an image to any social network site, you should always use a watermark to protect your images from being copied by others. If this is your own image, you should definitely use that feature of CoolTweak. This app is useful when you need to add watermark to ten or fifty images in bulk. You can set the position, color, background color, font family, size, etc.
  • Share on social media: Although it requires your authorization, you can certainly share your edited images on various social networking sites and image uploading sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Picasa/Google Photos, Flicks, and 500px.

To get started with this software, at first, download the installer and install it on your machine. It does support from Windows XP to Windows 10. You can download 32-bit as well as 64-bit version as well. Also, you must have 1GB of RAM installed on your machine.

After opening, you should find a window like this-

CoolTweak review

Here, you can manage all the settings based on your requirements. For example, you do not want to share images on Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, you can remove them from the context menu and clean up your right-click menu. After settings it up correctly, it should look like this-

CoolTweak review

Upon choosing the option, you can find a different window where all the other features will be available to perform your change.

That’s it! Hope this little software would be helpful for you.

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