Copy File or Folder Path to Windows Clipboard From Right Click Context Menu

In some situations, you might need to frequently copy the folder or file path to Windows clipboard. If you are working inside a command prompt window and need to execute commands on a certain file or folder, you have to first enter the directory path in cmd and then enter the required command. In such situations, it can be really tiring to manually enter through each directory using DOS command CD. There should be an easier way to directly enter a directory and this is when you need to copy the folder path and enter it in one shot.

There are some registry tricks to add new items in right click context menu of Windows – this includes adding “Copy to folder” and “Move to folder” links. But what if you want to add “Copy File path” in the right click context menu of Windows?

You don’t have to use any registry tricks or install a software for that. Just navigate to the folder and select the file whose full path you want to copy. When you select the file, hold down the shift key and you will observe that a new entry has been added to the roght click context menu, as shown below:

Copy file or folder path from windows right click context menuHit this entry and the full path of this file is instantly copied into your Windows clipboard.

The same is also true for folders, just hold down the Shift key while selecting the folder and you will see a “Copy Folder path” item in Windows right click context menu. The file or folder path copied can then be used anywhere, including Windows command prompt.

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