How to Copy Multiple Items, Files To Windows Clipboard

Windows clipboard has a serious disadvantage of only storing the last copied item, text or data. Consider a situation – you are working with multiple word documents and have to copy paste multiple paragraphs to other documents randomly. In this case, you have to repeatedly copy each item, paste it, copy the next item, paste it and so on.

Luckily there are some free clipboard applications which allows you to copy multiple items and files to Windows clipboard. One such clipboard utility is Clipcycler.

Download Clipcyler

Clipcycler is a free program which can be used to copy multiple texts to windows clipboard. You can cycle through the copied items using hot keys and paste them anywhere e.g a word document, Windows explorer, PowerPoint presentation, browser address bar and so on.

Copy Paste Multiple=

The best thing regarding Clipcycler is that you don’t have to hit any button or any keyboard combination to place the copied data in Clipcycler. The program will automatically put the text or file that you copy in the program interface.

When you want to use a copied item, text or file simply hit the desired item from the Clipcycler window and then press the assigned hotkey. That’s it !

The program is portable which means it can be used on any computer without having to install anything. Just drop the executable in a removable drive and double click to start copying multiple items and storing them in Windows clipboard. The program works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7 only.


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