How to Copy Paste HTML Tables and Embed Them In a Document

Working with HTML tables can be tricky – you can’t really copy all the rows and columns and paste the exact table structure in a document or spreadsheet. If you copy the entire HTML table from a webpage and paste it in your document, the result is scattered pieces of data, as evident from the following screenshot:

Copying HTML tables from a webpage and pasting in a document

To maintain the exact table structure, you have to manually create a table in the word document, copy the row data one by one and paste it in the corresponding rows of your document. But using this method is impossible if you have a large amount of data to consider.

Sure, there must be an easier way to copy and paste an HTML table in your documents, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations.

Enter Table Capture – a chrome extension which lets you copy paste table data from a webpage to your Windows clipboard, word document, excel spreadsheet etc. After the extension is installed, you will see a red icon placed at the extreme right of the chrome address bar.

Clicking the icon will list all the tables found on the webpage:


Just hover over a Table name in the left column and you can see the live preview of the selected table on the webpage (shown in red). Then hit on “Copy to Clipboard” and the entire HTML structure and the table data is copied to your Windows clipboard.

Now you can simply hit Control + V in any document, spreadsheet or presentation and the HTML table is embedded instantly. The best thing about the extension is that you can copy the entire table in a new Google Docs document and then download the document as Word, PDF or HTML Zip.

This is very useful when you have to copy HTML tables consisting of hundreds of rows and do not want to manually copy each row and paste it in your document.

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