How to Copy All URLs for Open Tabs in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. Although, it was quite slow in the initial days, yet, now you can find a great browsing experience when using this browser on your computer or mobile. Now, let’s assume that you have opened ten tabs in Firefox and you have to leave your computer right now for another work. There are two different methods to get back all those tabs back when you return.

First, you can save all the tabs as a bookmark.

Second, you can copy all URLs for open tabs in Firefox.

If the second solution sounds better to you, you can read on to get the solution.

How to Copy All URLs for Open Tabs in Firefox

There is a Firefox add-on called Copy Urls Expert, which is a free tool that comes with various options including the facility to copy all URLs of all opened tabs in any window including Private. Therefore, head over to this page and install this add-on. To finish the installation, you need to restart your browser.

After that, you should find an icon like this-

How to Copy All URLs for Open Tabs in Firefox

You need to select the option that says-

  • Tabs In This Window
  • Tabs In All Windows
  • Tabs In This Tab Group

Therefore, all the links will be copied to your clipboard and you can save them in Notepad or any other text editor.

If you want to open all those links at once, at first, copy those links from Notepad or anywhere, where you have saved > open Firefox browser > click on the drop-down menu arrow > select Open URLs from Clipboard.

All the links will be opened right away. This particular add-on comes with another option called Advanced Copy that allows users to copy links using different filters. For example, you can organize them as per domain, title, etc.

Another useful feature of this add-on is you can assign a keyboard shortcut to any action. To do so, go to Options menu and head over to Shortcut.

How to Copy All URLs for Open Tabs in Firefox

The second useful feature is you can copy all URLs from a particular page. For that, you need to select the whole text where all the links are placed. Following that, right-click on the selected text > Copy Urls Expert > URLs In Selection.

That’s it! Hope this simple add-on could help you a lot.

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