Quickly Copy uTorrent Downloads To External Devices – Android, USB, iOS, PS3 And XBox

Some good news for uTorrent fans who always wondered how to convert a Torrent download to a format which is best supported by the external device on which the target file will be played.

uTorrent has recently released an alpha version of uTorrent 3.1  which adds sync capabilities and external storage integration right within the desktop uTorrent client. With the sync feature working, you can quickly convert torrent downloads to a format that is best supported by the device where the file will be used. Let’s take an example to understand this scenario.

Let’s say you are downloading a really large video file in MP4 format but you will play the video file on your mobile device, which supports only 3GP videos. You don’t know whether the target video will be in Mp4 or 3GP format because the torrent file is still downloading and will take some time to complete. With the new uTorrent 3.1 Alpha, you can convert a file for a particular external device, right from uTorrent itself. There is no need to use a separate file conversion software. Neat!

Integrate utorrent with external devices and media storage

From the screenshot above, you can see that my uTorrent 3.1 client has automatically recognized my Android handset and the external hard drive plugged into my laptop. Now there are two advantages of uTorrent 3.1 over earlier versions of uTorrent.

First, I can drag and drop the torrent downloads right into the external storage device, without having to change the download location. There is no need to cancel the download progress, as uTorrent will automatically sync the download to your external storage device, which includes external hard drives, Android, iPhone, iPad, PS3 and XBOX.

This is very useful when your computer is running on low disk space and you want to download the torrent on an external storage device, without having to start it all over again.

All in all, external device integration in uTorrent was a much needed feature because it makes file sync and copying to external devices a breeze. On top of that, you can even move the download progress to an external device, which is a lifesaver on so many occasions. If you are a die hard uTorrent user, give this a spin!

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