How to Create Bootable Pen Drive of Windows 10

If you are excited to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on your personal computer, here is a trick to do that faster. You know that Microsoft has already launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview yesterday and this is the time to install it to get a completely new experience.

As per Microsoft, the software giant, Windows 10 is going to bring a change personal computer world. Nevertheless, before getting involved into that change, the first thing that you have to do is install it.

How to Create Bootable Pen Drive of Windows 10

In Windows 10, you will get plenty of improvements of most useful Windows features. For instance, you will get an enhanced Start Menu. On the other hand, the Snap is improved. Windows 10 lets you stick four windows on a single screen. The next big thing is Virtual Desktop. You can manage your all opened apps by creating virtual desktop.

After Virtual Desktop, you should know that you would be able to run Metro based apps in resizable window. There are also many other new features. However, head over to this link to get a deep look into Windows 10.

How to create bootable pen drive of Windows 10?

This is however very easy. But doing anything, you need the ISO file of Windows 10 Technical Preview. You can download Windows 10 technical Preview ISO image from here.

Now, you have numerous softwares to create bootable pen drive of Windows 10. However, today I am going to GBurner. GBurner is a popular software to play with DVD, Pen Drive and ISO file. You can do more than just creating bootable pen drive using GBurner. Although, GBurner is a premium software but you can try it for 30 days at free of cost. Therefore, download GBurner from here to follow the subsequent steps.

Install and open GBurner on your PC. You will get several menu in left pane. Just expand Tools and click on Write USB.

create bootable pen drive of Windows 10

After that, plug in your pen drive and make sure your pen drive has no data.

[All data will be overwritten]

Then, click the Browse button in GBurner and select the ISO file of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Select Browse to copy ISO File

Thereafter, select USB – HDD and click the OK button. Within a moment, you will get a window something like the following picture;

Bootable Pen Drive Process Running

Do not try to do anything during the process. Otherwise, your pen drive will be corrupted.


During installation, you will be asked to enter the product key. Just enter the following key;



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