Ever Tried Seeing Where Your Facebook Friends Reside? Try Now

Facebook being the largest network of recent times, every thing that happens around Facebook gets going. So if you have some time to waste check out the Facebook apps that can create a friend map with your Facebook contacts.


My Friend Map is a Facebook app that lets you create a map which will show the the location of your Facebook friends a world map and will link to your location as well. You can see a nice graphic view of your connections across the globe. Hovering your mouse over the dots will show the names and images of your friends from that location.

create-facebook-friend-map-where-my-friends-beAnother much applauded Google Maps mashup to map your Facebook friends is Where My Friends Be. The tool creates anchors for all your Facebook friends on Google maps. Just like My Friend Map, you can see the names of your Facebook friends from that location.


Creating maps with your Facebook friends is quite a fun way to have a look at your Facebook influence. However, seeing a heat map will help you analyze areas across the world map with maximum density of Facebook friends. Quite a time waster, well in an interesting way. Density is one such app that could do the miracle for you. You also get to control the map settings by using the Heatmap Control Panel. Also there is an option you can use to watch the map full-screen.

Do you found this tool useful? Let us know via comments. Also, let us know if you know of any such Facebook friend map creating apps.


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