Create Flow charts and Network diagrams online with Lovely charts

Lovely charts is a free website that lets you create Flow charts,network diagrams,people maps and other diagrams online in a flash interface.The charts created can be saved as JPEG or PNG images or embedded in your blog.Further more you can add your charts easily in word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

Earlier we have seen free utilities to create Bar graphs,Venn diagrams and pie charts.There are so many websites that let you create pie charts online for free.But seeing Lovely charts, i am convinced that it would outrank it’s competitors.

How it Works : Creating a diagram is easy.Select a new flow chart from File and drag and drop all the elements of the flow chart from the left pane in the compose box.You can add process,decision box,connectors,input output and possibly every element that you may ever need to customize your flow chart.Here is how the interface looks


After you have added the process boxes and other elements in your chart just hit the large connector button in the left pane.This will let you connect the different blocks.The entire interface is very user friendly and even a kid can easily create a chart in minutes.Here is a small screen cast describing how lovely charts works

Similarly you can also create cool network diagrams,sitemaps,people diagrams and wireframes.Given below are some examples created using Lovely charts.

A Flow chart

create-flow-charts-online A Network diagram


A Wireframe


A Sitemap

Saving your charts : All the charts  that you compose are saved in your account for future use.Moreover you can export and save these charts in JPEG and PNG formats.The free account lets you save just one chart for future editing while the premier edition allows you to save multiple charts for further editing.

Share your chart with other users : If you have a premier account then you can share your charts with others and allow collaboration.This makes it easy to share your diagrams with colleagues,customers,clients and get their opinion on a subject.Users can also comment on any chart and give you useful feedback.If you do not like a particular version you can revert back to an earlier build at any time.

Importing images and other stuff in your charts : You can import your own images,icons and other media items in your chart if you have a premier account.So if you have created a nice portrait and want to include it in your diagram,you can.

Charts can be made Public or private : You have complete control over the visibility of Flow charts or other diagrams that you create using Lovely charts.Other users wont be able to view your charts if you hide them and do not make them public.So if you have a confidential business plan that you do not want to expose Lovely charts is a safe option.

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