Create a Sitemap For Google News in WordPress

Apart from your normal XML sitemap you can create a separate sitemap in wordpress and submit your blog to Google news.

If you want  your Blog to be added in the Google news directory Your blog should Meet the following criteria :

1.You can only Submit those URL’s which you have already verified in google Webmaster tools. So You should verify your blog in Google webmaster tools and add an XML Sitemap.

2.The URL should not contain any Session ID’s.

3.Your google news sitemap should contain only URL’s published in the last three days.And each of your submitted sitemaps may contain a maximum of 1000 URL’s

4. Special characters such as * and {} are not allowed in URL’s.

See the complete technical requirements your blog  needs to satisfy before you submit your Google news sitemap.

Create the Google news Sitemap in WordPress

Download and Activate the Google News Sitemap Generator wordpress plugin .The  plugin will automatically generate a Google news sitemap in the root directory of  your blog which will contain posts from the last three days. The google news sitemap will be produced in your root directory and you may have to change the File permissions to 777.

The sitemap thus generated follows the requested guideline of a maximum of 1000 URL’s in the sitemap at any given point of time. You can include your posts as well as pages and use the posts tags as keywords.

After your sitemap is ready and working  suggest your site to Google news

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