Create Mobile Hotspot, Change SSID, Password in Windows 10

If you want to share internet from Windows 10 machine, here is a simple trick to turn Windows 10 into Wi-Fi hotspot without any software. Although previously users need to use Command Prompt to make Windows 10 a Wi-Fi hotspot, now you can use Windows Settings panel to do the same.

Right from Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has enabled a new feature called Mobile Hotspot that lets you do everything mentioned above. In other words, if you wanted to create mobile hotspot or share the internet connection of Windows computer, you had to use a third-party software like Connectify etc. However, now Windows 10 machines having Wi-Fi compatibility, can use this functionality to create a mobile hotspot.

The advantage of using this feature is you do not need to set SSID or Password manually. Also, many people do not want to use Command Prompt to do the same. For them, this is what they need to do.

How to create a mobile hotspot in Windows 10?

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. However, one important thing you should know that your Windows 10 machine must have Wi-Fi compatibility. Otherwise, you cannot broadcast your internet connection and hence you won’t be able to connect your mobile device to that Wi-Fi network.

To get started, press Win + I to open Windows Settings Panel. Alternatively, you can click on Start menu and settings gear button respectively. Also, you can search for the same in the Cortana search box or Taskbar search bar.

After that, go to Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot. If your computer does support Wi-Fi, you will get this option. Otherwise, you cannot find it. If you have got this option, you should find the Mobile hotspot on your right-hand side.

Create Mobile Hotspot, Change SSID, Password in Windows 10

Just toggle the button so start sharing your internet connection. This is also possible to choose which network you want to share or the source network. For example, if you are connected to a direct Ethernet connection, you can choose that from Share my Internet connection from drop-down menu.

That’s it! After that you would be able to connect that Wi-Fi hotspot from another device like mobile, tablet, etc. You can find the default SSID and network password on the same page.

How to change SSID and password in Windows 10 mobile hotspot?

In case you want to change the mobile hotspot’s SSID/network name and network password, you can do that as well. To get started, open the same page in Windows Settings Panel. You should find an Edit button that you need to click on. After that, you can enter custom network name or SSID and network password.

Create Mobile Hotspot, Change SSID, Password in Windows 10

After changing them, click on Save button.

For your information, if you have previously connected your mobile to that Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to re-connect that after changing the SSID.

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