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Online invitations are pretty cool in case you are organizing a party and there are many websites available that will do that job on behalf of you. But what happens if you are organizing a public event or want to make your party open to all? Then you are not just in the business of inviting, you are in the business of promoting. And to promote, flyers are a great tool of trade. That’s where you need Smore. No need to hire a web developer or designer to make stylish and amazingly effective online flyers, you can do it by yourself. Smore, created by Gilad and Shalomi, makes professional looking flyers in minutes and also publish instantly to the web.


To try out Smore, you need to sign up first. You can do it with Facebook or use your email address and create an account. After logging in, just click Start a new flyer button and you can have tons of option to choose from, like event invitation, product, personal, business, informational, app, promotion of a sale event of your store or choose ‘other’ if nothing matches to your requirement. Smore offers any combination of headings, body text, images, buttons and lists. Its rich content support lets you add not just text and photos, but you can embed videos, tweets, product reviews too. You can arrange your content easily with drag and drop editing.



Along with great online flyers creation Smore offers other important things too. Every Smore page comes with great promotional tools which you can see on the right side of the page once you are done with designing. You can post your flyers on Craigslist, share on social networks like Facebook and Twitter or you can share with traditional email way. Smore also give you a direct link to share or you can use embedded link for websites. Instead of Smore address, user can use their own domain name if needed. Also Smore makes ad buying easy on Google and Facebook.


You can check your page’s performance time to time with clear analytics. User can track incoming traffic source details, how people are interacting with their pages etc. effortlessly with interactive diagrams and processed data. Personally, I like this site very much. It is beautifully created and also brilliantly written. I didn’t find any glitch using this tool. If you want to create online flyers instantly and share painlessly, Smore is highly recommended.

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