How To Create A Panoramic Image In Photoshop

If you love using Photoshop and use it to create logos, artwork, images and designs, you will enjoy this short tutorial on creating Panoramic images in Photoshop.

What is a Panoramic Image ?

An image that has been cropped to a relatively wide aspect ratio, showing a field greater than that of the human eye may be termed as a Panoramic image. Panoramic Photography aims to create Panoramic images using special techniques.

Let’s say you spotted the picture of a beautiful rainbow that’s spread across several kilometers. You are not able to capture the whole rainbow in one shot, because the distance of the rainbow from your location does not fit the entire rainbow within your camera’s frame.

Thus, instead of capturing the whole frame as a single image, you take photos of the entire frame slice by slice and stitch them together. When the pieces are stitched, the images together produce a panoramic effect or better called as a Panoramic image.

The following is an example of a Panoramic image (credit), notice how the photographer took the sliced images separately from the same angle and camera position

Create A Panoramic Image In PhotoShop

The PowerPoint blog has put together a simple yet useful tutorial for Photoshop users who want to create a Panoramic picture. Here are the steps:

1. Take a series of photos aligning the images as close as possible. Here are some sample examples:

Create A Simple Panoramic Image In Photoshop

2. Open all the images in Photoshop and import them as separate layers. Be sure to align the layers in such a way that the images appear in the correct order.

3. Select all the layers and go to Edit > Auto align layers. Next choose the “Auto” option in the alignment dialog box

4. When all the sliced layers are placed in the correct order, you will get the following wide version of the combined images

Make a Panoramic Image Using Photoshop5. Now use the cropping tool to remove excess unwanted areas and get a polished rectangular version of the image.

Next, you can blend the edges where the sliced portions of the individual images gets mixed and adjust the contrast, brightness and other aspects of the to get a super wide version of the panoramic image

The following video tutorial shows how to create a Panoramic Image in Photoshop


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