Create Photo Albums From Multiple Images Without Downloading

If you are looking for a way to save all the images from a webpage, turn them into a photo album and upload them to a photo sharing wensite, here is a browser extension which will come in handy.

Normally, when you want to create photo albums from different webpages – you have to save the images one by one in your desktop and then use any uploader to upload the photos as an album. Sites like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook lets you create photo albums, but there is no ability to add the images directly from a web URL.

Firefox extension Fotofox helps you to arrange pictures with a simple drag and drop. When you spot any photo, just drag and drop it over the Fotofox icon placed just left to the browser’s address bar. Accumulate all the images one by one and when you want to upload it to a photo sharing website like Flickr, Facebook, Zoomr or Picasa – simply drop the album icon on the appropriate upload box panel.

The advantage here is the fact that there is no need to download these photos one by one to your computer; you can grab the URL of each individual photo and pack them as an online album. Basically, the photos are stored in the browser cache and fetched to the social website when you hit the upload button.

The other workaround may be to find the temporary internet files folder and save the images from browser cache, but it’s way too complicated of course.

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