Create a photo Slideshow with your Facebook Albums

You can easily create photo slideshow from your Facebook albums.There is no need to upload photos to any other web service just to make a slideshow from your Facebook albums.

PrettySlide is a useful Facebook app that does just the same.Using this you can convert your Facebook albums to  a customizable photo slideshow in minutes (See example). No registrations or sign ups are required and you just need to connect your Facebook account with the app. (also see : How to bulk upload – download Facebook albums and photos )

You can either choose a whole album to create the slideshow or you can use selected photos in the slideshow instead.The slideshow thus created can be seen by everyone and is not limited to only facebook users.Also check  out how to share facebook photos with Non facebook friends

There are 5  styles to choose from and you can change the style and the feel of your slideshow even after it is created.

Here are the 5 styles of slideshow that you can choose from :

1.Basic Viewer : It is the classic style of presenting the slideshow.Each photo is presented as you hit the Next button or after a specific time interval.


2.Simple viewer : This style is just the same as the basic viewer but it includes thumbnails of all  the photos present in the album.

3.Post card viewer : This style creates a Postcard collage out of your Facebook photos. Looks cool


4.Flowviewer : Creates a good looking flow of pictures. One photo is parsed beautifully as the later on comes in .

5.Carousel : Creates a revolving slideshow using your photos.The speed of the carousel depends upon the movement of your mouse.


You are also given a Permanent Url of your Albums so that you can easily share your Photos and albums.And following is a Wonderful screen cast describing how to create photo slideshow using your Facebook albums and Preetyslide


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