Create Pie charts – Bar Graphs – Venn Diagrams Online with Free tools

Learn how you can easily Create Pie charts,Bar graphs,line charts or Venn diagrams Online with these Free tools.You can also Use Google docs to Create  Pie charts or Graphs from a Spreadsheet.

Piecolor : Using Piecolor you can create customized pie charts online.No need to have any office or Excel  Knowledge.Just select the Number of slices,add names to the fields,Customize the colors and click on generate.Piecolor creates a Customized chart based on the preferences.The chart can then be downloaded in your computer.

No sign ups or registrations are required and you are free to create as many charts as you want.Comes with a 3d design as well.A great tool to generate pie charts online.(also see : tools to create pie charts online)

Chartgizmo : With Chartgizmo you can Visualize your data into different shapes.Currently it features Bar graphs,pie charts,lines,3D pie,3D line,3D bar,ring,Cartesian,Candle and Time Series You can also add your comments in the chart .

Chartgizmo gives you everything so that you can easily share your charts and Graphs

  • a Unique URL of your Chart
  • HTML source to embed in your Blog or website.
  • Flash charts are also available
  • Different data sources are supported: static data, historical data, dynamic data from JavaScript code, dynamic data from html table on the page You can also Import your data from an excel file.So if you have a large Excel CSV list forget the manual entry and generate your Chart in Seconds.

Charts containing values in Japanese and Chinese are also supported.You can Create unlimited number of charts and save them in your account to view or modify later.Requires registration but worth a look.

Hohlicharts : A multipurpose website that can be used to generate Venn diagrams,Pie charts,Scatter plots,Radar charts,Bar and line charts.Just select your chart type and Input the data.You can preview your chart before downloading in your computer or embed the chart in your blog or website.No sign ups required

A Similar Websites compared to Hohlicharts is ChartTool.

Charts-Speedmymarks : If you are an I phone user and want to Create Charts or bar graphs from I phone  then Speed-my-marks is the right tool.This is a Useful site for managing charts for possibly everything you do.

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