Create a PowerPoint Presentation or a Photo Slideshow From Facebook Photos, one of the very good products by Microsoft Fuse labs is an online office suite which allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations using your Facebook account. The documents can then be shared quickly with your Facebook friends, unlike Google Docs which does not make sharing documents that easy. has released a new slideshow application for Facebook users which allows you to create a slideshow from your Facebook photo albums. It works simple – goto and choose one of your photo albums from the list

Create a Photo Slideshow of a Facebook Photo Album
Create a Photo Slideshow of a Facebook Photo Album

Hit “Create” and will merge all the photos together in a sleek slideshow which can be viewed from the browser (see example). You will also get a shortened link so that you can share the photo album and slideshow with anyone, even to those people who are not on Facebook.

Sharing is made easy with the “Share on profile” button, you can share the slideshow with all or a selected group of Facebook friends. The private mode let’s you keep the slideshow private, noone knows about it yet a copy of the slideshow is saved in your account.

Create a Photo Slideshow from Facebook Photo albums
Create a Powerpoint Photo Slideshow from Facebook Photo albums

The interesting thing about the application is that the slideshow works in Microsoft Powerpoint format (pptx), you can download the slideshow in your computer and view it offline.

If you want to add more effects, descriptions and caption to the slides – use the “Edit” link in the page and the application will open a new browser window where you can edit the presentation as you want.

Edit The powerPoint Presentation Using Facebook App
Edit The PowerPoint Presentation Using Facebook App

A good idea would be to upload some photos to your Facebook account, use the slideshow application from to create a PowerPoint presentation and downlod it in your computer. Very handy, when you have no time to create a PowerPoint presentation with a bunch of images from scratch.

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