Create Professional looking Bar graphs in minutes -Excel 2007

image Bar graphs are a good way to show records,statistics and reports to your readers.Excel 2007 can be used to design really impressive Bar graphs and pie charts.Moreover Excel allows you to add extra data to the Bar graphs later on.You don’t need to  change the bar-Graph.Let excel handle it.

1.At first Select the rows and columns that you want to appear in the Bar-graph.

2.Now click on “Insert” from the Menu Bar and select the figure which you want to show.As an example I am choosing the horizontal Bar graph.


3.As soon as you select a design it immediately appears.Wow !.

If you wish to add extra items

Later,if you want to add more rows in your graph just add the extra item in the desired position by right clicking on the row number and then clicking “Insert”.

After you type in the Item and its figure you need to reposition the Graph.To achieve this,click on the Object (graph) and a slider will appear besides your data.Just drag the slider to accommodate the extra data and it appears in the Graph Instantly.


Modifying the Graphs Design

After you have finished adding You will certainly wish to change the design of the Graph to suit your style.

Formatting The Plot Area : Right click on the middle of the Graph and Select “format Axis”.From here you can change the settings,Font colors,Sizes and apply 3D effects on the elements,applying Background color and Texture,Gridlines and the Values.Just play around with the settings.What’s amazing is that Excel will give you a preview whenever you change a setting.

Formatting the Axis :Right clicking on the Lower middle( where the units are) and you can edit the Axis options from here.You will be able to set up the Maximum and Minimum limits in your Graph,set thickness to individual items and lots of other things.

You can also add Trendlines,add minor and Major Gridlines,select some particular Data etc.Here is a sample that i created for a mini project in My college.Looks Impressive ??


If you have any suggestions or useful tips please write to me in the comments.Any tip,if useful shall be included in the post

How I learned ? : While attending a Business presentation lab I was amazed to see a presentation on stock Markets.The Guy used pie charts and Bar graphs to compare data and it looked impressive on the Big Screen.At the End of his presentation our teacher applauded him as the design was impressive and the graphs had a “Communicating Power “.

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