How to Create Recovery Media using HP Recovery Manager

Being a top computer manufacturer, HP always tries to keep the user experience as good as possible. Apart from launching high-end laptops for power users, you can get some mid-class laptops and notebooks as well from HP. You can find two different types of HP machines. The first one will not have any pre-installed Windows and instead, it can contain either Ubuntu or Free DOS. On the other hand, the second type comes with pre-installed Windows. Previously, HP provided Windows 8.1 as well as 7 with their computers. But, now HP is giving away Windows 10 with their laptop and notebook.

If you have got a pre-installed Windows and HP laptop, you might have also got some installed applications such as HP System Information viewer and more. Apart from that, you will get another very useful tool called HP Recovery Manager. It includes almost all functions to keep your Windows healthy all the time. It assists users to maintain their laptops as well as do something when the machine is in trouble.

Whenever you are getting an original Windows 10 version installed in your laptop, you should definitely create a recovery media so that you can utilize that in case you get any problem. Recovery Media or Image helps users to get back the most favored condition of Windows when there were no such issues. Obviously, you can create system restore point but recovery media or image is yet another very helpful option to opt for.

When you are using HP laptop or notebook, you should not worry about this since HP has an app called HP Recovery Manager that will take care of everything you wish.

Create Recovery Media using HP Recovery Manager

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. As this tool is an inbuilt tool of HP laptop, you do not need to install any third party app in this case. However, before getting started, make sure you have any of these things,

  • 32GB pen drive
  • 4-6 blank DVD
  • 3-4 blank DVDDL

Depending on the size, the aforementioned numbers can vary. However, this is recommended to create the recovery media right after getting the machine. Now, follow the following steps to get things done.

At first, open HP Recovery Manager. For that, just search for it in Cortana search box. You can also look for it in Start Menu. After opening it, you will get a screen something like the following picture,

HP Recovery Manager start screen

Here, you will get an option called Create recovery media under Precautions. Click on that. After that, you have to insert the favored storage. For your information, pen drive would be the best and cheapest option. Then, it will prepare the disk and start copying the image,

How to Create Recovery Media using HP Recovery Manager

At last, you will be greeted with the following message,

How to Create Recovery Media using HP Recovery Manager

That’s it! After creating the recovery media, do not use the pen drive to transfer data. Otherwise, the image will be corrupted.

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