Add Tattoos In Your Photos Without Using Image Editing Programs

You don’t need Photoshop or heavy knowledge of photo editing software to add cool Tattoos in your photos. TatMash is a brilliant web service which lets you add Tattoos and other body art designs in your digital photos with little effort.

Add Tattoos in photos online

The impressive thing about TatMash – You can upload a custom design and have it Tattooed in your image. Else, you can also choose from popular Tattoo designs which are already available in the site gallery.

To get started with TatMash, sign up for a free account and login to TatMash dashboard. Pick a sample Tattoo or upload your own design which you want to add in your image.


Next, upload the image where you want to add the Tattoo. The image can be uploaded from your computer or via a web URL. You can also directly upload an image of your face from PC webcam, provided you have one. (Tip: upload a square image for better results)

Once the image is in place, you can simply drag and drop the tattoo around the image and place it anywhere you want. The size of the design can be increased and decreased and you can adjust the color transparency as well. (also read: Turn images into pencil sketches or Oil painting)

Here is how I added a Tattoo in one of my favorite bollywood star’s biceps:


Once the makeover is complete, you can download the image in your computer or share the image on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

I think the site does a fair job and will come in handy if you want to try out different Tattoo design samples and then decide which one to go with. Create some samples, show them to your friends and choose the best one before you try the real thing in your body. And you can also use this site to fool a friend – “Hey I got Tattooed !”

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