Reminder Fox Sets Reminders in Firefox to Manage Tasks and To Do’s

If you are a Firefox fan and want to set up custom alerts or reminders right inside the browser, you will love using Reminder Fox. You can set alerts for tasks, create to do lists, remember important schedules and so much more.

The problem with a desktop tool for task management is that you have to maintain a dedicated software for managing reminders and to do lists. They aren’t simple to use and as time goes on, the overhead increases. This is where Reminder Fox comes into play. It lets you set automatic alerts for tasks in Firefox and create To do lists so that you don’t miss out on things that need your attention.

How to use Reminder Fox to Increase productivity

Adding reminders: Once the add-on is installed, you will notice a ribbon like icon placed at the right end of the Firefox status bar. Double click it to open the main Reminder Fox interface.

Just pick a date and hit the “Add Reminder” button to add a reminder. You can add start and finish dates for the task as well as choose the interval to repeat the reminder in case you miss it. The calendar view looks impressive as it allows you to plan things ahead and set future goals.

to do lists in Firefox
The reminders are shown as pop ups at the right corner of the screen. You can also choose to display the latest upcoming task in the status bar as a simple text item.

custom alerts of tasks in Firefox

You can categorize the reminders according to events and dates. Missed a task and wished it could be added to the next day? Reminder Fox lets you export items to any date so there is nothing to worry if you forget a task.(Tip: Firefox add-ons for more productivity.)

Managing To Do lists with Reminder fox: One thing that caught my eye is the To Do list feature which allows you to create a list of tasks for any particular day. Important items in the list are marked red so you can quickly spot the task that needs your immediate attention.

Add to do lists in Firefox

Including a sound alarm and adding email support for tasks would have been perfect. Nothing earth shaking but I am sure you will love using it.


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