The Only Reason why Apple Pay is going to Fail

Apple lovers and even non-Apple lovers have been talking about various Apple products since past couple of days – not actually days, it has been a month. Apple has launched and redesigned almost all of their older products. Among all the new products, Apple Pay is one of the best products out there that can supplant our physical wallet in near future.

Apple Pay has begun working easily in different stores in the US. But, do you know that can be declined after a particular time. The time is very little for Apple Pay to be popular – may be it is middle 2015.

CurrentC Apple Pay Replacement


MCX or Merchant Customer Exchange is going to launch a brand new payment system called CurrentC. CurrentC is just like a replacement of Apple Pay and other similar systems like Google Wallet. The bad news for Apple is tons of merchants have already signed up for CurrentC.

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Some of the giant companies like Walmart, 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Giant Eagle, SouthWest, GetGo, Kmart, Wawa and more others have joined CurrentC. Actually, CurrentC has become their own payment system. Hence, most of the companies will have excluded Apple Pay and other similar payment system from their store. You should know that this is not a rumor since some companies including Best Buy, Walmart etc have already confirmed to The Wall Street Journal. You know that ISIS has changed their name to Softcard just a month back. Even Softcard payment system will not be accepted in those aforementioned stores.

CurrentC Logo

However, CurrentC may face trouble in near future because they do not have any intermediary to complete the payment. They will also exclude the credit card fees. Hence, most of the banks may not agree to their cumbersome terms and conditions.

The CurrentC app will be arrived in the middle 2015. This is not confirmed whether MCX will launch the app for Android or not but according to resources, this is confirmed that iOS users will get it at the predefined time.

What do you think about CurrentC? Will be replace Apple Pay and other similar payment system?


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