How to customize Pokemon GO avatar Whenever you want

Pokemon GO is one of the most trending games in these present days, which has already broken loads of records with its interest of people. People are downloading this game like crazy and obviously there are some reasons why millions of people have downloaded this game. First, 90’s kid can remember why Pokemon GO is popular among them. It was probably the best cartoon show on TV without worldwide fan followings. On the other hand, this game is much more different than any other mobiles games. Even after being a mobile game, users must have to go outside to play this game.

When you start the game for the very first time on your mobile, you will get an option to choose your avatar and customize it accordingly. The primary option is female and male. Following that, you can select the hair style, eyes, backpack, dress etc. Once, you set that up, you can play the game on your mobile. But, what if you want to customize Pokemon GO avatar after saving the changes for the very first time?

Earlier, there was no such thing to customize the avatar after saving it for the first time. However, now users are able to customize Pokemon GO avatar whenever they want. No matter, which level you are crossing, but if you want, you can certainly change anything of the avatar. Anything includes almost all the things those are available in the first step of game setup.

How to customize Pokemon GO avatar on Android and iOS

As said before, the latest version has the option to customize the avatar. Previous editions do not have such thing. Therefore, at first, you have to update your Pokemon GO app to the latest version. If you are an iOS user, you should update your app to 1.1.1 and if you are Android user, you must have to update the app to 0.31.0. Otherwise, this trick is not going to work.

After updating your Pokemon Go app, launch it on your mobile. You should get the map on your screen. On the bottom left section, you can find your current avatar with the level that you are crossing. Tap on that. Following that, you should get a button with three horizontal lines on your bottom right section of your screen. Tap on that and select CUSTOMIZE from the next menu.

How to customize Pokemon GO Trainer

Now, you will get all the things those are changeable. It looks something like this,

Choose style for Pokemon GO Trainer

After set them up properly, hit the right sign on your bottom right corner. You should get an option like this,

Save Pokemon GO Trainer changes

Just tap on YES. That’s it! Your Pokemon GO avatar will be changed immediately.


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