How To Customize URL For Your Facebook Profile

Google Plus and Twitter has an option to change the profile URL. In the same way, Facebook also provide the facility to customize your profile URL. This makes it easy to send our profile URL which has our name in it. Normally, profile URL is with some unique digit number and it looks awkward when we forward hat to someone. With customization, you can replace that unique number with your name.

For example, my profile URL for.

Google Plus : and for

Twitter :

In the same way, you can have custom URL for your Facebook profile as

Steps To Customize Your URL For Facebook Profile

Most of you may not be aware of these steps and I will take you through them. One important thing which you need to remember here is, you can change the username of your Facebook profile only once. So, choose the profile name wisely now.

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Important Points to remember for customizing the URL for your Facebook Profile

1. You cannot choose the username already used by someone.

2. Username once chosen could not be modified further at any time. So, chose it wisely now itself.

3. Only Alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”) are allowed.

4. Usernames must be minimum 5 characters in length.

5. Should not use extensions like .txt, .org. com and more.

6. Usernames are free from case sensitivity.

7. Capitalization and periods in between the names are considered as same. For example, Sridhar.belide55, Sridhar.Belide55, sridhar.Belide.55 all 3 are treated as same user name.

These are the points which you need to keep in mind which customizing the Facebook profile URL and here we go!

STEP 1: Log in to your Facebook account and click on downward triangle on the top right corner. Select “Settings” from the menu.

Settings on Facebook

STEP 2: General Settings page opens up. On the right side, in “Username” section click on “Edit”.

Edit Username in Facebook

STEP 3: Now it is the time to enter the username. Recollect the points told before and choose the best username for long time. Then click on “Save Changes” button.

Save Changes in Facebook

That’s it! Now, you can access your Facebook account with this username itself.

For example, if I gave the username as ampercent, then I can access my Facebook profile as or

This is the simple and easy way to customize URL of your Facebook Profile. Do you have anything to add? Please, do share with us through comments.


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