How to Completely Customize Your Windows7 Logon Screen

Do you want to completely customize Windows7 login screen with a background image, custom message or skins ?

We have earlier discussed some techniques to change Windows logon screen. This includes a registry trick for a custom background image or using a free program like LogonStudio to change Windows XP log on screen so that it looks like Windows Vista or Windows7

Most of these utilities provide only a few options, hence users are unable to change each and every item of the Windows log on screen. If you are not satisfied with just changing the background image and want to edit or customize all the elements of the logon screen, try Windows Logon Workshop.

Download Windows Logon Workshopportableware, hence no installation is required

Using Windows Logon Workshop

Windows Logon Workshop can be used for two purposes. If you just want to change the background and skin, simply click through the given samples on the left panel of the application. The program shows an “Active preview” of the Windows7 start screen, so that you can test each sample skin and see which one suits the most. When you have made up your mind, hit the “Apply” and then the “OK” button.

Create Your Own Windows 7 Logon Screen

You can create your own skin and edit it or even edit the predefined skins that comes pre-installed with the application. New skins created will be given the default logon screen settings initially but this can be changed later using the “Edit” option. These skins can also be saved and can be loaded anytime, this will allow you to quickly apply previously created skins in case of system format.

The program makes it dead easy to edit all the elements on Windows 7 logon screen i.e Buttons, User Title and Lists.  Other options include changing the button colors, adding a custom text, changing the border of the password box, position of the screen, shadow of the objects and so on. Apart from just changing position of the items, text type or object colors – you may also replace the background and inline images with custom bitmap images.

Do give Windows Logon Workshop a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments


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