CustomizerGod: Change Icon of Anything in Windows

Windows is popular for many reasons and here is another one. That is using custom icon to decorate folder, file etc. Although, you can include or change icon of various thing in Windows, but this is not possible to do the same with Taskbar or any system application. But, if you follow this guide, you can easily customize your apps, folders, files, Taskbar with custom icons so that you can get a personalized Windows.


CustomizerGod: Change Icon of Anything in Windows

CustomizerGod is such a brilliant application for Windows that helps users to change icon of almost anything in Windows. You will get maximum advantage if you use CustomizerGod on Windows. This is possible to change icon of various thing and more information are included below.

CustomizerGod is available for free and for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Although, it doesn’t need any special system requirement, but you should have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to open this application on Windows.

The most interesting thing is you can download this software in a portable version. That means, you do not have to install it in order to use CustomizerGod on Windows.


Features of CustomizerGod

It has only one feature but many options. You can easily download icons from third party website and include that into this app to change the icon. You can change icons of,

  • Taskbar i.e. Task View, Search Icon, Search Box, Touch Keyboard, Face, Face Hover, Search Box Light, Back etc.
  • Action Center Icons i.e. Default, Quiet Hours, new Notifications etc.
  • Volume Icons i..e Mute, no volume, low volume, high volume etc.
  • Network icons i.e. Ethernet connection icon, Wi-Fi, no Wi-Fi, Mobile broadband, error in mobile broadband, airplane mode etc.
  • Safely Remove Hardware Tray Icon
  • File explorer address bar
  • File Explorer Ribbon i.e. Help, Expand, Collapse, Pin etc.
  • General Icons i.e. regular folder icons
  • ZIP folder icon
  • Battery icon i.e. low battery, full battery, charging, not charging, specific percentage etc.
  • Base branding i.e. you can change the icon of your Windows.
  • System branding
  • Time & date i.e. change the watch

There are more other options that you can use through CustomizerGod.

However, you can download icon from various sites like Freepik, iconfinder, iconarchive etc. They are available for free and you can choose anyone among them.

Did you know that you can change default folder icon in Windows 10?


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